Thursday, December 10, 2015

Celebrating 500!!

Hello World!

I know things have been quiet the last few days. Things at my day job have picked up and that means lots of overtime had to be worked. Hello 60 hour work week!

On top of that, I had a switch in my medication for my depression. Since I have been managing my anxiety really well lately, I am going back to Celexa from Lexapro. Don't get me wrong the Lexapro is great and really helps, but it also makes me feel sleepy all the time. Without anxiety attacks I can go back to the Celexa which keeps me feeling happy without feeling sleepy. And that was definitely needed for this really long week at work.

Now in spite of the few days' absence, I am delighted to share that this blog has just crossed the 500 lifetime views. I just wanted to say thank you. Because of you guys stopping by and reading these posts, this blog has grown so much faster than I ever expected it to. Knowing that you are out there waiting for updates, keeps me writing. It keeps me going. All of you are great, and I truly appreciate everyone of you.

Hopefully, I am fulfilling my promise to each and every one of you to provide you with amusing and entertaining anecdotes and honest product reviews. I am trying to follow the advice outlined in Halden Zimmermann's Guide to High Impact Blogs to ensure that I am providing focused and quality content. Which if any of you ever decide to start a blog of your own, this book provides you with valuable information without being too burdensome. It is a short read; I had it completely read within a day. It goes over the basics for building and outlining a blog and provides strategies for managing it as it grows to insure sustained growth. You can read more about the author Halden Zimmermann on his website  or on his author page on

Sorry for that digression.  I just wanted to show my appreciation for all of you.

I will post another round of product reviews for holiday gift ideas within the next 24 hours.

Remember, if you are ordering from we are now less than two weeks away for the Christmas order deadline for most of the items on the site that are shipped by Amazon. For orders to be delivered before Christmas with two day shipping, the order needs to be placed no later than 1pm Tuesday, December 22. Always check the order confirmation email for the most accurate estimated delivery day. That will be the one that takes into account where your items are coming from as well as where they are being delivered. Also, please bear in mind that the Prime two-day shipping will generally guarantee that the item will only be in transit for two days and does not cover the amount of time the fulfillment center may need to put the order together. The shipping guarantee means that if Amazon and the carrier are not able to get the item to you by the date in your confirmation email, then any extra you paid for that faster shipping can be refunded. Last but not least, try to be nice to any customer service representative you may need to reach out to for help. Most of the time, they will try to do everything in their power to make the situation right, and they really do understand the frustrations you are experiencing. Just please, try not to take it out on them.

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